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Donation Form

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$10,000.00 Goal

Raise Fund for Clean & Healthy Water

Access to clean and healthy water is a basic human
$9,600.00 Raised
$18,000.00 Goal

Your little help can heal their pains

In a world filled with suffering and pain, it is
$5,800.00 Raised
$18,000.00 Goal

Give african childrens a good education

Providing African children with a good education is a powerful
$6,800.00 Raised
$18,000.00 Goal

Raise funds for clean & healthy food

Access to clean and healthy food is not only a
$8,000.00 Raised
$18,000.00 Goal

Clean water system for rural poor

Raising funds for clean water systems in rural areas can
$7,600.00 Raised
$18,000.00 Goal
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